TOEFL Scores

The TOEFL  (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an accepted test for admittance to many Canadian Universities,  along with the IELTS,  it provides you access to the most post-secondary institutions.

Our database includes schools that offer the following:

  • Toefl paper based test
  • Toefl Internet based test  (iBT)
  • Toefl Computer based test (cBT)

Select your TOEFL score below,  and we will let you know what schools this will gain you admittance to.

What are your TOEFL Scores?

The widely used TOEFL test is accepted at most Canadian Universities and Colleges.

Enter your scores below and find out what Canadian Universities and Colleges will accept your TOELF scores:

TOELF PBT (Paper Based Test) (Score Range 310-677):
TOELF CBT (Computer Based Test)Computer Based Score Range (0-300):
TOELF iBT (Internet Based Test) : Score Range 0-120

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