Pursuing an Architecture Degree in Canada

Canadian Schools offering Architecture Degrees

Architects create the spaces we live in, from homes to offices, schools to hospitals and parks. Architecture as a career offers a great deal of flexibility in choosing what you design and who you work with.

If you’re interested in being an architect, you may be looking for answers to the following questions:

What Kind of Education do I Need?

Architects in Canada need to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Architecture. These degrees typically take 5-7 years to complete.

After your degree, you will also complete a 3-year internship in your province as part of your professional training, and take a standardized exam. You will then be a licensed architect!

How do I Know Which Universities Have Accredited Architecture Programs?

The Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) accredits programs that meet their educational and professional standards. Their website maintains a list of of accredited programs in Canada and the US.

What Kind of do Architects Do?

Architects may focus on many different types of projects and skills, including:

  • drawing and drafting building plans
  • renovations of historic buildings
  • computerized drafting and design
  • making small scale models
  • landscape design for parks or outdoor attractions
  • designing public spaces: malls, airports, etc.
  • keeping a project within the scope of budgets and building codes

What Can I Specialize In?

Architects might choose specializations in many categories, such as:

  • urban planning
  • ┬álandscaping
  • interior/home design
  • architectural theory
  • building design
  • CAD or computer-assisted architectural technology
  • conservation

The first step is to get an education, so request some information from a nearby university and get started learning about a career in architecture!

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